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Hamish Goes “Wild in the City” with Thistle Childcare!!

Hamish, Thistle Edit.jpg

Drawing up a bucket list of adventures, the children from our Thistle Childcare Centre voted Glasgow’s Tollcross Park as the place to go for their summer trip. The Thistle Pre-Schoolers invited  Hamish our mascot to join them for the day, making sure he was well prepared for their wild adventures exploring the park and meeting all the animals. 

"He needs his breakfast or he will be hungry" said one of the children as they went to the trolley and poured out some cereal for Hamish.

At Thistle's good morning time, the boys and girls gave Hamish his safety talk:

"You need to sit nice on the bus"

"It's getting sunny, we need sun cream"

"We need to hold the ladies hands"

“We need to get the bus, its number 60 … remember to sit nice”

"BUT most of all" said one of the children "we need to have fun!"

Staff at Thistle had organised the day so that the children and Hamish could visit and learn from Glasgow’s “Wild in the City” Countryside Rangers, who introduced the children to all sorts of wildlife and, taught them how to make a fire.

Hamish with Pig.jpg

“Hamish look at them pigs, you’re not allowed to touch them, you might get germs” said one child.

“It was a lovely day” observes a member of Thistle’s Childcare Team. “The children knew they were going on an adventure that day, and that Hamish would be too.”

Team member continues “The children actively sought to include Hamish, taking him under their wings and looking after him. The children seemed to know that this day was also a very new adventure for Hamish. They looked after Hamish, and cared about him, as though he was another child, one of them."

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