Stepping Stones for Families

Life at Stepping Stones for Families

Life at Stepping Stones for Families


We have been recognised with the Healthy Working Lives Award for over 10 years which has provided a structure to support workers towards a healthier life by providing up to date information on current health topics and planning activities which help our workers focus on healthy choices. The importance of health and wellbeing of our workforce is recognised by our managers and promoted throughout our services.      
Over the past few years we have seen a reduction in staff absence. This may be attributed to a focus on health, safety and wellbeing needs in the workplace.

Investors in People Gold

This year we are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the GOLD standard of the Investors in People Award, ensuring that we have what it takes to lead, support and manage our workforce for sustainable results.

Our Investors in People Feedback Report (May 2019) characterised our workforce as: 

very engaged, energised and innovative people across all our services who truly care about making a positive impact for the families and children they support”   

The Assessor described our leaders as actively supporting the open sharing of information across the organisation and that people feel Stepping Stones for Families “works with us in an open and transparent way” 

The report identifies that the quality of the services provided is the result of the commitment to the development and management of the staff and the supportive open culture that the organisation maintains. 

This approach is valued by the staff: 

  “never worked in an organisation like this – they really do care about us.”

She reported meeting numerous people who have progressed with Stepping Stones for Families and she is confident that people with potential are identified and given ample opportunities to develop.

Children and families are at the heart of everything Stepping Stones for Families people do with a real desire to do the right thing and “that wee bit more if you can”

Stepping Stones for Families maintains a very positive outlook across its services and this stems from our people and their desire to “keep doing more for our families and children”

47% of our have been employed with us for more than 5 years, 67% of whom have been working with us for over 10 years!