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Our Story

This is "Our Story" animation. Our Story illustrates our ethos and approach as an organisation. It describes what we do and why, and how our work alongside children, young people and families sustains positive change in people's lives.

Our Story has been produced as a part of our 30th Anniversary in 2018.


Transcript of "Our Story" Animation

In Scotland’s cities and rural communities there are children, young people and families who have limited choices in life. Isolated, hungry, and excluded.

Opportunities drift beyond reach.

We believe in the spark, the light that keep us going, that fuels our ambitions and aspirations.

We call this the “diamond” inside……

And we nurture this diamond, as we believe that it’s the foundation of positive and sustained change in people’s lives.

People share their life stories with us. And we listen. We give them the time to trust us.

This is often the scariest and most courageous step that families choose to take with us

Our family support and well-being services are interwoven throughout all that we do. Providing advice, a place for learning and friendship.

Our community networks and money advice brings more stability over family incomes, improving life at home.

We believe in the power of play.

It brings families together, strengthening bonds. Children build friendships and develop communication skills.

Play is a universal language that strengthens community relationships. Sharing experiences of different cultures and talents.

Our flexible childcare provides support that is responsive, meeting the needs of families.

Because of what we do, people create and sustain their own positive change.

We are Stepping Stones for Families.

Stepping Stones For Families