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Gathering Reflections

2018 is a special year for Stepping Stones for Families (SSfF), it sees us move into our 30th year working alongside children, young people, families and communities!!

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 “SCVO's Gathering at the SECC was our first choice as a platform to showcase our 30th Anniversary animation" says Isobel Lawson, SSfF CEO. “This event is a fantastic opportunity for the sector; its supporters; and partners to connect and create opportunities to collaborate, share learning and good practice.”

Our stand was a hub of activity, staff from our services were on hand to answer questions and describe the amazing work they do alongside children, young people, families and communities. With new leaflets and bright scrunchy orange bags, everyone was on a mission to share our stories!

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Angela Constance, Cabinet Secretary for Communities, Social Security and Equalities took time to visit our stall and see our animation! A temporary glitch with sound, found the Cabinet Secretary turning our wee speakers into a set of handheld headphones to hear the soundtrack and dialogue to “Our Story”.

On taking an wee swatch at Angela Constance’s footwear, one member of staff asked “What size are your Docs, Angela? Can I have those once you’re finished with them?”

Christopher Graham, SSfF Board Member joined us, lending his terrific support through the day. Chris spoke at the launch our new animation at The Gathering's main theatre space. Chris reflected that “It was an honour - a real privilege" and he encouraged everyone to "Give it a watch!". 

Invited as a key speaker at Wren & Greyhound’s “Lasting Difference” seminar Isobel Lawson, SSfF CEO was well received, using our new logo to illustrate how we harness the “Lasting Difference” toolkit. Which has helped us in our work supporting people in sustaining positive change their lives.

Graeme Reekie of Wren & Greyhound commented on our animation on twitter “Lovely film, powerful story of what a #LastingDifference means to ppl (people) when truly embraced as a core value. #SustainingPositiveChange

Here’s a few of the reflections from our staff about their time at The Gathering....

What a fabulous experience it was being part of the SCVO gathering. Meeting lots of new people and sharing our stories and successes. Also the goodies were great too.” Nikki, Stepping Stones for Families

“It was good! It was good to see people’s reactions to our animation. People were coming to our stand asking to see it” Natalie, Stepping Stones for Families

 “Brilliant! Freebies were great! More stress balls please.” Mike, Stepping Stones for Families

The animation was exceptionally good and I really enjoyed my first time attending The Gathering” Siobhan, Stepping Stones for Families

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I had a great day there it being my first time attending. I was very proud to be part of our organisation especially seeing the animation that had been created for our organisation. There were lots of different organisations I liked learning more about. Most importantly, it was nice to tell others about our service and what we all do to help. Will look forward to going back again in the future. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.” Michaela, Stepping Stones for Families

I felt it was really good for networking, sharing conversations with sector colleagues in similar professions, who I’d usually not have the chance to meet. It was great to be there promoting my organisation. The seminar I attended was really informative; the learning I’m looking forward to incorporating into my work.” Louise, Stepping Stones for Families

"I found the event to be very useful for networking and finding out about other services we can link in with to support parents and staff, whether to signpost or use the service ourselves. I really enjoyed the two days and enjoyed telling people about the fabulous services we provide across Ayrshire & Glasgow, I was also very proud to be part of it all and the animation was fab!" Linda, Stepping Stones for Families