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Children Learn Rabbie!

Children from Stepping Stones for Families’ Family Wellbeing Service, and our Play and Care at Home, Ayrshire Service enjoyed a day of chieftains, unicorns, a wee moose and sculptures. All of which combined for a day as perfect as fine Scottish poetry! The children had chosen the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum for their day trip!

Hamish With Children.jpg

Hamish our much loved teddy bear mascot was invited along, and joined the children as they all explored the history, stories and poetry of Scotland’s own Rabbie Burns.

Shortly after arriving, unicorns were spotted in the gift shop by one sharp eyed youngster who exclaimed “I love unicorns!”

The children read and listened to the songs and poems of Robert Burns, imaginations came alive as the children got up close to sculpture, witnessing a wicker Meg and Tam O’Shanter, dashing over a stone dyke.

Loved ones were thought about that day too, as the children wrote and strung messages into the Trysting Tree, before heading to the café for lunch where they listened to Burns’ poem “To a Mouse”.

Hamish Heid In A bucket.jpg

Experiencing a little, of how people lived in centuries past, one child took notes on the sounds, smells and atmosphere inside Burn’s Cottage, touching the rough textures and noticing how small the wee bed was.

Making sure he had a rest, the children settled Hamish our teddy bear mascot down, as they stopped to recite “Fair fa your honest sonsie face, great chieftain o’ the pudding race!”

The day was one of adventure, learning, imagination, fun and sharing; the children remarking that this had been their first time visiting the museum; commenting that “we learned lots!” and they would love to come back.

Taking their scrolls of “To a Mouse” poems, a gift from their time at the museum; the children all headed home in the hope of returning again soon.



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