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Meet Hamish, Children's Choice

Avid followers may have noticed a bear popping up on our social media now and then, making himself known and causing all kinds of mischief!

hamish & Nikki.jpg

Our furry friend has now made a home here at Stepping Stones for Families, and has become our new mascot.

Children from our: childcare; out of school care; family support; money advice; family play; and family well-being services were determined that the Stepping Stones for Families bear should have a name.

Parents from across Ayrshire and Glasgow came together at our Parents Forum and agreed a shortlist of names and all the children and young people across our services and projects began voting for their choice of name.


“Children were able to learn about citizenship and democracy through the voting process” comments Isobel Lawson, CEO of Stepping Stones for Families “these themes are inherent within our society, the children were quick to grasp that they had an important task to undertake, and they were very excited as they took to the polls.”

Hamish was the name that received the most votes across all our projects, with Benji and Poppy running in a close second and third place.

“We are thrilled to welcome Hamish as our mascot for our 30th Anniversary celebrations” adds Isobel. “Children and their families will be planning many adventures with Hamish and we are all looking forward to seeing where his Stepping Stones for Families journey will take him.”