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Creative, Positive, Brave and Energised - Glasgow Community Planning Partnership

On 10th Jan, TEDx Glasgow facilitated a development day which brought together members of Glasgow Community Planning Partnership’s Strategic Board and Executive Group, and other key colleagues to look ahead and “re-imagine opportunities, be innovative, and brave” in their aspirations and commitment to community planning.

Isobel Lawson, CEO of Stepping Stones for Families was there “TEDx and Glasgow took a creative approach to the development day, it was good to be there as a member of Glasgow’s third sector. It was a much welcomed opportunity to engage with the other partners.”

Asked about how the day went, Isobel continues “The day was really fast paced; none of the speakers ran over and there was plenty of time for meaningful discussion and debate. What was evident to me, was the commitment and willingness of all the partners to collaboration. Honest dialogue, and a lot of positive and creative thinking; there was certainly an energy to the day.”

“Childcare and Transport are the priority areas to be addressed by Glasgow’s Community Plan; for us as an organisation these are key services which can support families to sustain positive change in their lives.” Isobel continues “As a Partnership, Glasgow needs to hold on to, and harness, the shared positivity, creativity and energy we each demonstrated at the development day.”

“There are challenging and uncertain times ahead, but there is also tremendous opportunity. We need to be brave.”