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Possilpark - The New Cosmopolitan

Earlier this month some of the parents who join us at our Family Support & Development Service went along and stole the show at a local event aimed at celebrating the rich cultural diversity in the Possilpark community.

Charlene, our Family Support & Development Worker said “a parent who’d enjoyed a previous similar event, suggested that at the next one, the parent's and children should put on a fashion show of national costumes – and so this time round, we did exactly that!”

All the parents came together, they took the lead setting up planning sessions with the event organisers at Possilpoint to create a “Cosmo II” a national dress fashion show! They are amazing!”

Some mum’s chose to swap their national dress with other mum’s, it was all so open and with families from different countries sharing and enjoying time with one another

The day was a phenomenal success, with lots of families enjoying craft stalls, food, live music with everything from bhangra to bagpipes, and of course “COSMO II” the fashion show!!

Smiles All Round a charity that provides children & communities experiencing disadvantage with gifts, trips and new experiences were there, and they brought along their friends Minnie & Mickey Mouse, Pikachu and Paw-Patrol to mingle with families.

Asked why events like this are important, Charlene added “I was surprised at how many different nationalities and cultures live in Possilpark, it’s fantastic to see everyone enjoying time together!”

And on bringing people together, Charlene describes “One parent described how they’d never befriend or speak to people from other places even though they’d see them every day at the school gates, the parent felt that they were just too different" the parent said that "Coming to Stepping Stones for Families had broadened their view, they realised that all parents have the same worries, similar problems, people are really not that different.”

Charlene adds “There was a fear there, but by being part of groups like ours that parent has a whole circle of friends from Scotland and all over the world!” and on the value of friendship, she goes on to say, “Watching all the parents spend and enjoy time and friendship with each other, it’s as though they all grew up at the same school”


Stepping Stones for Families adopts a unique approach to supporting families. We recognise that the pressures involved in raising children, as well as integrating into a new community can be really challenging. We reach out to isolated children and their families, we take our time, we listen, we care and we build relationships. It is then that the families find they can settle in, make friends, establish social and wider support networks; and they can enjoy being part of their community.

*Our Family Support & Development Service is supported by the Scottish Government's People & Communities Fund