Stepping Stones for Families



We are a membership organisation

Stepping Stones for Families is governed by a set of Articles and a Memorandum.

Our members have a say in how the organisation is run via direct input with staff and raising motions at our Annual General Meeting. We currently have approximately 95 members. Most of these are service users – i.e. parents/carers of the children in our childcare services.

Officer Bearers of the Board

The members vote annually to elect the Board of Directors.

Damien McGarrigle

Catherine McGhie
Vice Chair

Clare O’Neill


Senior Management Team


The Senior Management team are responsible for the day to day running of the organisation. We have a very flat management structure:


The members of the Senior Management Team are:

Isobel Lawson
Chief Executive Officer

Mike Lofthouse
Finance Manager


Louise Bennett
Human Resource Manager